13 m VEB work platform lift type FHB 12.1


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13 m VEB work platform lift type FHB 12.1

1 x mobile VEB construction Lift Model FHB 12.1 - Platforms - Construction Lift - work platform - mast climbing platform - Goods lift

You are purchasing a unused fully functional VEB construction hoist type FHB 12.1.

Manufacturer: VEB Building equipment Dresden.

Technical Data:

Net weight without railings and mast 790 kg

Weight in operating condition 1180 kg

Load 300 kg, 3 persons

Permissible static lateral force on the working platform 360 N

Wind speed at which the operation is to be set: less than 10 m / s (wind force 6)

detached at max. extended work platform 12m, then attach custom house wall by anchoring

Maximum lifting and lowering speed of 10.6 m / min

Remote control unit for controlling out from the basket

4 point outriggers, the drive supports, manually operated spindles

Engine type: two electric brake motors 1.1 kW

380 volt power supply and 220 V socket for machines out of the basket

Operating voltage 380 V three-phase

Control voltage 42 V

Platform is suitable for working outdoors and damp rooms

To the working platform 7 mast sections 1357 mm length (max. Height platform 11,10m, working height 13 m) are included

The working cage can be removed completely and cut into pieces

Basket Dimensions Length [mm] 3900 Width [mm] 1100 Railing Height [mm] 1040

!!!!! Fully functional !!!!!

The lifting platform is sold with an invoice on which the tax is. Not recognized! (Gross equal net)

A copy of the instruction manual, spare parts list is also available.

Was always dry. Top maintained and well lubricated! Original color by the manufacturer, the stage was not often used, as good as new !!! One can draw a good piece by hand or with an eye to the drawbar. This is to attach to truck, Vans or similar thought.

Visit at any time (request by e-mail info2needit@aol.com) 0176/21193525!

preferred to Pick Up!

(Optional transport, depending on distance, never more than 450,00 Germany Far?)

The car lift is fully functional. In addition z.T. was the technology of our workshop renewed (eg switching amplifier, control box).

The stage has always been the drying.

The sale price is subject to differential taxation (gross equal net). On the invoice, therefore only the shipping costs incl. VAT. Reported.

Possibility of sending: Freight Forwarder, Pick Up

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