Schneider hanging button control bottle hand control crane control lift XACB02

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product description

1x control bottle (pendant control station) from the manufacturer Telemecanique / Schneider Harmony type XAC-B02 - remote control for, among other things, work platforms - crane systems - work platform - chain hoist - control - control stations - switches - crane switches - hall cranes.

You are purchasing a control switch (control bottle).

Description: Control bulb for 2 selection buttons

Type XAC-B 02
Width 98mm x length 215mm + 190mm cable rubber
Industrial design Type 4
Operating voltage Uni: 300 V AC-4 and 2.5A
AC-3 le 6A / AC-11 le 1A / In8h 10A
Protection class IP65

Dimensions: Width 98mm x length 215mm + 190mm cable rubber.

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