Tele Haase monitoring Relays TT2X 230VAC


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Tele Haase monitoring Relays TT2X 230VAC

Temperature monitoring relays in the motor winding Tele Haase control Ges.mbH Type TT2X 230VAC - for VEB Platforms - Car Stage - Control - control stations - switch.

You are purchasing a unused fully functional Low-voltage switchgear (temperature monitoring relays). The exact amount you can enter below the price under number.

Description: Monitoring relays - TREND series

- Temperature monitoring relay (motor protector)
- Short-circuit monitoring of the PTC
- Supply voltage = 24V - 230V AC
- 1 NO contact
- Width 22.5 mm x 65mm x 65mm
- industrial design
- Operating voltage 230V AC
- Switching capacity not aligned 5a/250v AC (1250VA)
- Measuring circuit voltage T1-T2 max. 12V DC
- Degree of protection IP40
- Rated impulse voltage 2.5 kV
- Ambient temperature -25 - +55 ° C

Dimensions: Width 22.5 mm x 65mm x 65mm.

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