bearing flange for RAV Ravaglioli lift type KPN/KPX/KPS versions (Bearing shell) R 224 - 236

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1x bearing flange (for a bearing/tapered roller bearing) for Ravaglioli 2 post lift including type R 224 - 236 - KPX 336 W/WK/WR - KPN234 - KPN329 - K126 M - car lift - work platform - vehicle stage.

You are purchasing a unused fully functional bearing flange for Ravaglioli lift. The exact amount you can enter below the price under number.

The bearing flange also suitable for use Ravaglioli lift Type:

Ravaglioli KPN 336W/WK/WR
Ravaglioli KPN 337W/WK/WR
Ravaglioli KPN 312WK
Ravaglioli KPN 315 WK
Ravaglioli KPN 304H
Ravaglioli KPN 305H/HK/HR
Ravaglioli KPN 306H/HK/HR
Ravaglioli KPN 328H
Ravaglioli KPN 329H
Ravaglioli KPN 224H/HK/HR
Ravaglioli KPN 234 H/HK
Ravaglioli KPN 341 W/WK/WR
Ravaglioli KPN 345W/WK
Ravaglioli KPN 225WK/WR
Ravaglioli KPN 235WK/WR/DC
Ravaglioli KPN 326H
Ravaglioli KPN 327H

Ravaglioli KPX 336W/WK/WR
Ravaglioli KPX 337W/ WK/WR
Ravaglioli KPX 312WK
Ravaglioli KPX 315WK
Ravaglioli KPX 225WK/WR
Ravaglioli KPX 341W/WK/WR

Ravaglioli KPS 305H/HK/HR
Ravaglioli KPS 306H/HR/HK
Ravaglioli KPS 326H
Ravaglioli KPS 327H
Ravaglioli KPS 328H
Ravaglioli KPS 329H
Ravaglioli KPS 224H/HR/HK
Ravaglioli KPS 234H/HR/HK

Beissbarth R 224, R 225, R 230, R 231, R 235, R 236. We can also supply the suitable spindle bearing 047018540.

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